The Running Man Production
     We are here to help you succeed


The Running Man Production knows that to succeed in business it takes hard work. Our consultants know this from careers in business administration, information technology and education. But to succeed in today’s business world it also takes know-how. Don’t gamble with your money,  The Running Man Production will deliver from planning to execution a plan for you to succeed.

Meet The Team

James F. Cooper - President

Jesse Stone - Vice President

Natalie Wilder - Business Consultant

Evelyn Emerson - Business Consultant

Deborah Peters - Business Consultant

Marcel Kuster - Business Consultant

Dennis E. Collins - Public Relations Specialist

Barbara Epstein - Auditing / Internal Controls / Internal Auditing

Susan D. Abbott - Auditing / Internal Controls / Internal Auditing

Ryan H. Kulas - Interactive Media Director

Marcel Bohm - Web Design

Phillipp Trommler - Web Design

Chris Krebs - Web Design

Veronica Boyd - Web Development/Marketing

Amanda Fischer - Travel Coordinator

Peter Smith - Tech Department

Valerie Lejeune - Accounting

Vivian L. Johnson - Administrative Assistant


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